Blockchain network reflecting
PoS algorithm based on Ethereum technology

Berith PoS Network

PoS network that secures stable user nodes
by providing continuous compensation through staking and mining.

Easiest Install and Use

Providing node compensation through PoS PC Wallet

Berith PoS
PC Wallet

Intuitive Staking and Mining Environment

Anyone can easily install and participate

Easy blockchain node installation and operation management

Try PoS coin conversion service on Berith Wallet

You can convert Berith POA Coin (BERA) that you have in Berith Wallet into Berith PoS Coin (BERS).

Ethereum Based Proof of Stake

Berith PoS Algorithm

Berith PoS algorithm gives the authority of block creator (BC) to nodes with high staking contribution first.

Proof of Stake

Those with more Berith Coins are more likely to be elected as Block Creators (BCs) who can generate blocks.

Block election method

The election of Block Creators (BC) is also carried out through random extraction numbers, not by manipulation or invasion of external forces.

Block generation method

Block creation is performed in order by the block creator (BC) who has been given the number drawn. According to the priority, the specified block creator creates a block, and if the node does not operate in that order, the next block creator creates the block.