berith enterprise platform

A tailored Platform Service for Business using Blockchain

Berith Enterprise Platform

An integrated blockchain platform to install,
manage, monitoring-all in one service.

berith enterprise flatform

Configure stable blockchain using platform


Safer & More Secure

One-Stop Service

Easiest Install and Use

Easiest Install and Use

Anyone can easily install and use Berith Enterprise Platform.

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Installation as per the user’s preference


Managing individual domains such as host, channel, authentication, etc.


Monitoring status, usage and other matrices of each node within blockchain network

It’s Berith Enterprise

Guided installation/configuration service using Wizard

One can easily install/configure using installation wizard with the step-by-step guide.

Manage the node and system during run-time

Can be add or change blockchain nodes during run-time

Easy to integrate with other services using built-in API

Built-in API provides seamless integration between existing business legacy environment and blockchain platform.

Integrated dashboard to monitor configuration, resources, and transaction process at a glance

Can be monitored blockchain configuration and resources, transaction and block status all at the same time.

Select from On-premise or Cloud(AWS) option

Possible to have secure and correct operation with AWS environment as business infrastructure.

Real-time resource status check

Can track real time status of the resources (CPU, Memory, Disk).

Optimal node configuration by size

Provides optimized node configuration according to blockchain operation scale.

Experience Blockchain Business via Berith Enterprise Platform.