BERITHGlobal membership based Joint marketing platform
‘Joint economy membership platform’ based on block chain technology is a joint marketing platform
utilizing membership-based business and cryptocurrency.
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Global marketing platform to change the world

  • Berith is an evolving marketing platform through the participation of members (service providers and membership users).
    It issues encrypted tokens based on mileages and points and the tokens can be used for transaction and transfer in our real economic life.
    Berith platform contributes to the joint economic activities of Berith members, systematic services and marketing.

The first round of Berith token sale is finished.

Membership platform is a proven successful marketing platform.

Membership platform is a proven successful marketing platform and can be applicable anywhere in the world.
It is spreading propelled by the integration with various membership-based marketing and service and Fin-Tech.

Joint marketing platform integrating each unit of memberships, Berith

  • Service Provider

    • Supports promotions like offered services,
      a variety of marketing and event benefits.
    • Block chain based platform provides
      and manages membership services.
    • Offers foundation for service activation
      and the increase in sales through affiliations in the platform and acquisition of regular customers.
  • Customer

    • Integrate distributed and missed mileage
      and convert them into coins.
    • Use multi-functional services through the global platform without constraints such as region,
      type and size of business.
    • Benefits such as additional bonus, supplementing services and convenience based on the amount of reserved coins.

Berith Membership Platform

Membership system which started from distribution and sales is still evolving, applied to a variety of fields in our society.
It is now expanding to various areas we haven’t imagined from health care, various services to developed
‘Fin-Tech’, which financial groups adopted

Now, accumulated points are already being used like cash through membership services.

Membership services are evolving in the form of PAY which enables transaction with the integration with Fin-Tech. A number of membership services are appearing that converts points into cash and charges points by cash according to the regulations like ‘Electronic pre-payment method standard ’. We have designed and developed the same form of memberships, the first financial membership and also similar form of financial memberships steadily.

We would provide services which is able to help much of the society with Berith platform having all our experience, know-how and philosophy about membership service

  • Provides various services
  • Advertising and marketing
    the preparedservices and benefits
  • Through the global service without spatial and regional constraints
  • Increased sales of companies through the increase in customer benefits


Berith is a platform evolving with the participation of users.

Services and benefits provided for customers can be more prosperous with the participation of service providers.
The profit and sales would increase by the participation of customers and better services and promotion can be provided.
The platform performs interesting marketing with various ideas and evolves together, that is Berith.
  • Alliance with existing
    membership service and affiliation
  • Membership Operation Management
    and Payment service Platform
  • Various services such as marketing,
    event and promotion

Win-win platform for small and medium companies
and small business owners

Berith plaform provides membership services to small and medium companies
and small business owners who couldn’t adopt and manage membership services
due to various problems and difficulties.

Berith, business framework

Berith has all of the functions for membership businesses.
It is a joint marketing platform that is able to support all services from point accumulation and use, electronic wallet
and cryptocurrency for user convenience, accumulation according to the income of service providers and
membership management to marketing.

A platform that can be used in our real life

Berith is able to implement actual economic environment using cryptocurrency Berith coin which is issued from Berith platform.
Provided applications would give an easy access to ordering, transaction, points and coin accumulation.

POINTYou can convert and collect all the affiliated points with Berith in the world.
MEMBERSHIPWe provide the Membership Platform that can earn, use and settle points and perform various marketing.
MARKETING We provide various marketing functions which enable promotion and event.
PAY/WALLETIt provides various marketing functions that can perform promotions and events.
Affiliation Berith is an open and extensible platform and it continuously evolves through partnerships and connections.

Berith Application

Berith mobile application provides ONE-STOP service.

It provides various benefits and event coupons to customers and collected data to service providers through the application.
Customized contents and event promotions can be offered by using users’ location data, consumption pattern
and permitted personal information.

[ Berith APP ONE – STOP service ]

가맹점에서 사용자가 app을 실행해서 주문과 결제를 하면 Pos에 주문내역이 넘어가고 Pos에서 마일리지를 App으로 적립해주는 그림

Berith Grade

Berith provides additional rewards by grading investors according to the amount of their held coins.

Berith would provide various benefits to service providers and customers according to the grades. More benefits and opportunities are able to be provided according to compensation policy.

Berith set 2 billion coins which is 20% of the total 10 billion issued coins as revenue and decide the grades according to the amount of held coins for each user.

According to the amount of held coins from the 1st to the last day of each month, the amount of coins on the 10th of the following month will be sent to the coin holders.

Grades’ benefits for Berith Members

Berith offers allocated revenues to members who hold Berith Coins. Additional rewards will be awarded based on the length and percentage of coins users hold once per month. Platform's usage cost, marketing and promotion opportunities would be provided for Service Providers.

division Membership Grade Grade Condition Grade Benefits
Level 1 1등급 For the top 5% of the total amount of coins. The 1% of individual holders’ coins will be offered to the holders.
Level 2 2등급 For the top 12% of the total amount of coins. The 0.8% of individual holders’ coins will be offered to the holders.
Level 3 3등급 For the top 25% of the total amount of coins. The 0.6% of individual holders’ coins will be offered to the holders.
Level 4 4등급 For the top 50% of the total amount of coins. The 0.4% of individual holders’ coins will be offered to the holders.
Level 5 5등급 For the least 50% of the total amount of coins. The 0.2% of individual holders’ coins will be offered to the holders.

Berith offers promotion and event opportunities once a month for the service providers who achieved above level 3. The coins will be paid until the set 20% of the total coins is consumed.


Berith is an evolving integrated marketing platform.

Advancement toward Continuous expansion and services is possible through affiliation and connection.

대Berith which provides the membership marketing services that convert points into Berith coins through the connection with large membership services and Point Swap for small and medium-sized enterprises and small business owners evolves through the Pay transaction module using berith coins, affiliation and conversion of points.

Any companies can be a service provider with various and effective but low-priced marketing opportunities provided.

You can create a foundation for more sales with various service opportunities in utilizing functions such as education for talents, various services, differentiated marketing ideas and various discount benefits.

Berith can discover new revenue models through membership and a variety of marketing capabilities.

Various new business models can be created except the traditional revenue model like the current memberships and platforms. In Berith which pursues participation-based business, anyone can suggest business models and share the revenue from it.

[ Berith Master Plan ]


  • Berith coin Token sale
  • Berith Business
  • Other FAQ
  • Isn’t there a pre-sale for Berith coin?
    Berith ICO would be held across two rounds, the first and the second.
    The first round of the ICO can be considered as the presale you mentioned.
  • How many tokens would be issued and distributed?
    In the first round, 700 million coins would be issued and in the second round, 1.1 billion coins would be issued.
    The total number of issued coins are 1.8 billion.
  • How much is the price of 1BRT?
    It would be decided according to the Ethereum price at the time of token sales.
    For instance, if the price of 1 Ethereum is 360,000 won(KRW), 1BRT would be 360,000 / 14,000 = 25 won(KRW).
    This price would be the standard price in the Berith wallet transaction and when Berith coin is listed in the exchange market, actual trade price in the market would be the standard price.
  • What would happen if planned tokens are not distributed?
    In case the investments don’t reach the planned amount of coins in the first round of ICO, only invested amount of BRT would be issued. The remaining BRT from the first round would be distributed in the second round.
    At the end, the remaining coins from the second round would be integrated by BRT members’ allocation coins and provided as a member allocation token.
  • How would members allocation coins allocated?
    If users put their own coins into Berith wallet in the launching held in January of 2018, they would receive the allocation coins according to the amount of held coins and grades.
    Please check our website for the allocation coins for the types of grades.
  • Isn’t the 10 billion coins for the total amount of coins in ICO too much?
    In case that Berith coin is used in our real economic life, if the amount of issued coins is not enough and the price of BRT increases, the unit of Berithcoin would be decimal point. Then it would be inconvenient in trade and use. Therefore, for the cases we use the coins in the real life, we scaled the amount of coins as 10 billion.
  • Is there a potential for membership based marketing platform to be successful?
    Membership business which started from points based system is developing by the integration with member recruitment and various marketing.
    In case of Korea, membership service started from telecommunication, oil and airline industries and now it is expanding its field to distribution, finance, sports and various fields.
    On the other hand, in overseas, life care service focused membership is getting prosperous.
  • Is your plan to launch the service in Asia such as China and Japan by the end of 2018 possible?
    That is our Berith platform team’s goal. We consider more time would be needed until the launching and service activation.
    We have experience in developing platforms in china which their culture and law is applied, on the other hand, we are currently working on analyzing the marketing pattern, law and culture in Japan.
    Through all the data we have collected for the business, the plan is definitely possible.
  • What kind of benefits can customers receive from Berith platform?
    Instead of points that the value doesn’t change, buyers don’t worry about the loss of points but are able to expect the increase in value according to the activation and participation of buyers.
    Users are able to receive various events and promotion benefits and affiliated remaining points can be used as coins by exchange.
  • What kind of benefits can service providers receive from Berith platform?
    Berith platform is able to boost the service competitiveness and effect of marketing.
    Small and medium companies and small business owners have had difficulties in covering the cost for membership service management, lack of know-how, lack of data analysis capability, finding affiliated companies and can’t compete with large companies.
    They are able to reduce the labor cost and other costs through provided non-face to face ordering services.
  • Is Berith coin worth investing?
    Berith coin finds the business environment first and issues the coins after based on the proven business model.
    It provides membership management and marketing services for service providers and enables transaction through Berith coin.
    So, it can be used in our real life with convenience.
    Though a number of coins appeared, few coins can be used in our real life except already well-known coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    Although companies launch ICO and suggest platforms with great visions and technologies, if it is not implemented and used as planned, investors would lose their money.
    We have the proven business model and sufficient experience in development of the business model.
    We expect there will be a substantial increase in the value of Berith coin.
  • Does the plan and roadmap in the Whitepaper have sufficient possibility?
    Berith platform team has a variety of experience in a number of projects and developments listing membership services, marketing platform, POS and payment systems.
    Not only in the local area, our team has experienced the service developments in overseas like China and South-East Asia.
    We are planning to launch the service by reflecting the know-how such as the establishment of service model and business policy through local and overseas consulting.
  • If insufficient funds were invested and tokens are not distributed, would the project be just ended?
    Our team’s vision is to make a platform that anyone is able to use easily with the affiliation with various memberships over the world.
    Regardless of the ICO, the project would be continued as our goal.
    ICO is a contribution to the success of the project and we expect investment revenue can be gained through the ICO.


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